The ARCADE (African/Asian Regional Capacity Development) projects use innovative educational technologies to strengthen health research across Africa and Asia. Focusing on post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral training, partner institutions are developing cutting-edge online courses, blended learning modules and joint programmes that will enable training of researchers in low- and middle-income countries who might not otherwise have access to such material.
Additionally, the ARCADE projects work at an institutional level to strengthen education services, financial and administrative research management, research uptake capacity, and network building.

The projects are coordinated by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and together involve sixteen partners across Europe, Africa and Asia. These four-year projects (2011-2015) are funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.

You can also download our ARCADE brochure here: ARCADE-brochure


In Africa, ARCADE’s focus is on building capacity for research into health systems and services (HSSR). HSS covers a range of topics, from health financing, to health workforce availability, service delivery and appropriate medical products and technologies. Research in this area is critical in Africa, where many health systems have chronically underperformed.




In Asia, ARCADE’s focus is on building capacity for research into social determinants of health (RSDH). An individual’s health depends heavily on the social and physical environment they inhabit, and health disparities are often symptomatic of wider social inequities. This is particularly challenging in Asia, home to some of the largest societies on Earth.